The Best Arts and Entertainment Sites near Sterling, VA

They say good things come in small packages, well Sterling, VA counts as living proof. At first thought, Sterling might seem like a rather questionable place for great art and entertainment, but you’d be wrong to make that assumption. No matter what types of things you’re into, this community always has something exciting for everyone.

From hiking trails, to golf courses, to delicious eateries, Sterling is a little place with a lot to offer. Insiders would even go as far as to say that Sterling is one of the most active places for quality of nightlife and music. Keep reading for complete coverage on all the best arts and entertainment options local to Sterling, VA.

Let’s begin by talking about a basic necessity. Let’s start with shopping. Some would say if shopping doesn’t make you happy, then you’re in the wrong shop! In Sterling, you generally won’t hear too many complaints about the shopping scene because there are two major malls to choose from. Most residents love to shop at either the Dulles Town Center or the Reston Town Center. The Dulles Town Center includes a regional mall with tons of cool shopping and it’s located right off Leesburg Pike. The Dulles Town Center is right next to Sterling, probably a 15 to 30 minutes drive or less.

Entertainment Options

The Reston Town Center is also approximately 15 to 30 minutes away from Sterling, upwards to 30 only when there’s rush hour traffic. The Reston Town Center is a family oriented gathering place with good food, good bars, and of course — good shops.

30 minutes must definitely be the magic distance because if you drive 30 minutes from Sterling in a different direction you’ll also find Washington DC. To make it easier on you, Sterling is near Dulles, that’s near Reston, that’s near Herndon, that’s near Leesbury, that’s near Washington D.C. They’re all clustered around Sterling and the entertainment options are booming!

The families, couples, and single folks living in Sterling love it here. For anyone seeking an active social life, Sterling is loaded with fun options that go far beyond shopping. For example, the nightlife in this town is abundant. You can find all the best restaurants, wineries, music venues, bars, dessert shops, and with DC so close you can definitely entertain yourself with an entire corsage of historical tourist attractions.

Arts Near Sterling, VA

Since Sterling is so close to the Potomac River there’s many artsy, community based events in the area. People love throwing events by parks and waterfronts. And in the summers, there are actually a lot of free outdoor concerts to check out. Although not necessarily free, one event worth mentioning is the Herndon Festival. It’s been around since 1980 and has everything from international foods and fireworks to carnival rides and live music.

While on the topic of music, there are some pretty chill places for entertaining tunes like O’Faolain’s, The Bungalow Lakehouse, or MIST Lounge Restaurant. The interior of some of the hang outs that you’ll find in or around Sterling might actually remind you of a New York City or Los Angeles. Another place to hear great music is Bangkok Blues. It’s the best place in town for the hottest live music, sultry local blues, and authentic Thai food. There’s also this great place called The Dreamscapes Project that never fails to somewhat magically win the hearts of even the most critical of music lovers.

Maybe you’re into music and more into socializing and shooting some laid back pool. If this is true, there is a popular spot called Bungalow Billiards that’d be perfect for you. Or perhaps you really want to dig deep and explore what the arts have to offer if you’re ever in Sterling, VA. Well, Signature Theater produces the best contemporary musicals and plays.

With all the best arts and entertainment Sterling has to offer, we still feel it’s always important to make time for our nation’s capital. While in town, you should definitely carve out some free time to tour historical attractions like the White House or Lincoln Memorial.

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