8 Tips for Repurposing a Closet


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Closets are essential storage spaces in any home, but sometimes how much room you have just isn’t cutting it. Follow the 8 tips below to update, organize or even completely transform a standard closet into a more fun, functional and fabulous space.

8 Ways to Transform Your Closet Space

1. Bar or Wine Cellar

Install shelves and wine racks to hold alcohol and a floating countertop to seat guests at. Invest in some stools that can be stowed away under the bar when it is not in use, and add some soft lighting to create a casual atmosphere. More shelves can be added to hold glasses, bar tools, and cocktail kits.

2. Pet Play Area

Make room for your little buddy to run around in a pet-friendly play area. Mount shelves to store leashes, toys, food, etc. Add a bed and some food and water on the ground so your pets can come and go as they please, while storing all of their belongings in one place.

3. Mudroom

Instead of letting shoes, coats, bags, etc. pile up on a table in the entryway; ditch the closet doors for hooks, baskets, and a bench instead. You can even install some shelves and store your apartment must-haves here. Your new mudroom will help declutter the hallway, be inviting to guests, and make your entryway seem much more open.

4. Clubhouse

While the kids may not have much room to play inside the apartment, you can turn a deserted closet into a den where their imagination will run free. Store toys and spare items in cubbies, baskets, and shelves on the wall, and use an old mattress or cushions to create a seating area. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on the kids, but also they will have their own getaway.

5. Craft Corner

Have too many crafting supplies and nowhere to put them? The perfect solution for an unused closet is to create an area where you can house all your supplies, to help keep the mess in one place. Install a shelving system for storage, add a desk and comfy chair, and you are ready to get creative!

6. Hidden Workspace

Even if you do not have a whole room to dedicate to an office, it is important to have a secluded area to work in. Mount shelves to hold office supplies and use a file cabinet for important paperwork and projects. Installing a floating desk will make use of the limited space without being too overbearing, and a comfortable office chair will ensure that your space is cozy and productive.

7. Nursery

Love the amenities your apartment building has to offer, but want more room to start a family? Turn any closet into a nursery for your little one. Be sure to choose a closet either in or near your room so the baby is nearby. Then, pick out a crib, some shelves or cubbies for necessities, and a night-light, and you have officially created a separate space for the baby.

8. Pantry

Being a bargain shopper that buys in bulk is great until you have nowhere to put all the extra groceries. Invest in sturdy shelves that can hold heavy cans and bottles, and add a rolling rack for everything else. Not only will the shelves and rack complement each other, but also you can pull the rack right over to the kitchen when you are ready to cook.

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Turning a closet into a brand new space can be as simple as removing the doors and reassigning content to other rooms in your home. These 8 ideas are only a starting point for the possibilities of what you can do with an empty closet. If you are searching for more space and a new apartment, call (703) 337-0957 or take a virtual tour to rent an apartment at Lerner Windmill Parc today!



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