5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment


Whether it’s your first apartment or your fifth, a new home always needs a little bit of work to make it your own. Each space has its own layouts, quirks, and necessities, so what might have worked for you previously won’t always work at the new place. The good news is a new apartment means a fresh start. Now’s the time to take how you lived in your old apartment and make improvements for a better home life. Here are some easy upgrades to take your blank slate apartment and upgrade it to a personal statement.


Easy Projects to Enhance Your Dulles, VA Apartment


Represent Yourself in Your Space

What are the things that you are most passionate about? What are your hobbies, or things you like to collect? An apartment is a revealing extension of yourself. After walking through the door, there’s little better than being embraced by a home that is the embodiment of you. Depending on what you’re the most passionate about, seek out items for your apartment home to display and mount throughout. It doesn’t matter what you love, celebrate it within your space and it’s guaranteed to make you happier.


Inject a Color Theme into Your Living Space

Take a look around your apartment. Then a friend’s or acquaintance’s. Are the colors of your furniture and decorations all monotone? Are they several different colors without any sort of continuity? Choose furniture of similar color palettes and styles and offset them with the occasional injection of something different. The shock to your eyes will be pleasing while also giving the apartment a sense or order. See what other people are doing and take note of what you like. Use them for inspiration as well.


Upgrade Your Rental Apartment Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most utilitarian part of the apartment, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Consider replacing hardware with your own personal taste (remember to keep the hardware for when you move out!). Speckle art and fun novelties throughout the room. If you have a window, place herbs in a spot with good light to inject some life and flavor into your kitchen. Lastly, consider buying organizers and hooks for your utensils to increase functionality and streamline the inevitable chaos of a busy cook.


Buy Mirrors for Your Apartment

Mirrors are common sense in regards to the assurance that you’re ready to face the world. But their benefits go beyond basic vanity needs. By placing larger mirrors at certain points in your apartment, such as diagonally from your couch, the space that you’re living in will be appear larger. In addition, mirrors effectively help light be spread more thoroughly in each room, creating better visibility without as much source lighting.


Upgrade Your Windows

The best living spaces that you come across are all about the details. No stone goes unturned in taking what’s insipid to compelling and chic. Replacing or installing window hangings, curtains, and special blinds will ensure that each room won’t look like it’s gone through a halfway measure. Window adornments can change the level of light and ambience a room emits, but also round out whatever theme you have established everywhere else in the apartment. Experiment with different materials, color tints, and styles until you find what works best for you.


Apartments in Dulles, Virignia

At Learner Windmill Parc apartment homes, we want people in Sterling and Dulles, VA who make apartments their own. We believe that people should never stop improving themselves and the same goes for where you live! Keep an eye on our blog for more tips and call (703) 337-0957 to learn more about your future new home. Waiting to move in? Look at our gallery for inspiration!

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